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P​riddaho Mission Statement

The mission of Priddaho is focused on helping, teaching  and learning about the cultures of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Straight, and Unidentified individuals. To make a difference you must first be the difference.

Priddaho Pride 2021

The Priddaho Pride Festival was a huge success and enjoyed by over 6,300 guests this year.

All of our performers put on a fabulous show, despite the heat and the crazy Idaho windstorms. We closed out with an amazing performance by Superstar Elliott, with two TT's from Ru Paul's Drag Race.

This event would not have been possible without all of our wonderful vendors, and food trucks that kept us hydrated and fed throughout the day. If you didn't get a chance to sample their wares this time join us again next year to celebrate Pride.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors and other companies who generously made donations. Project Filter, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare's tobacco control program, South East Idaho Public Healthcare, Club Charleys, Golds Gym,(Jodi)

Reading time with the Queens, And X Productions

We would also like to thank Bannock County, (Scott) the Executive Director of Pocatello Council, Heidi Adamson, as well as Mayor Blad's office. Blue Line Security, Andy, and Hailey from And X DJ Lenny, and Partner Ron (VP of Operations) Berni Brimmage Beth Brimmage, Ruby Brimmage, Darcel Brimmage and family, Elliott with two TT's, the talented and beautiful Drag Queens, Drag King Syd all of the other entertainers who performed all afternoon to cheering crowds, Also, thanks to Sharon Porter for sewing the amazing Huge Rainbow Pride Flag! HUGE SHOUT OUT TO TRAVIS KERBS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF PRIDDAHO also Jorge O. Avila none of this would possible without his huge visions and community support.

We owe thanks to the LGBTQ community, our supporters, and allies who without them our event would not have been possible.

The feedback we have received from the community has been full of love, to hear that for so many of them this was their first pride event and they felt welcomed and accepted was so heartwarming, this is why we do what we do!

Keep sharing those pics and videos, post them to our Facebook group 'Priddaho', and don't forget to use the hashtag #priddahopridefestival2021.

Membership & You 

Anyone can become a member, we love meeting new people. Priddaho wants to hear your story? 

 No, you do not need to live in Idaho to become a member. No, It does not cost you money to join. YES, we love Volunteers!

Meetings & Activities

Priddaho Meets every two weeks. @ 7 pm We alternate our meetings and activities. Every other meeting is a lesson plan, the second meeting is a fun group activity. Priddaho always pays for Priddaho members. All meetings, as well as group activities, are also held at various locations including Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot & Rexburg


Priddaho Pride 2021 was a huge success. Thank you to an amazing community as well as to Amazing Vendors. It was one to remember for sure, As we close out the month to Pride 2021 we would like to remind everyone that you are never alone and we are always here to help if we can. We love our Community so very Much. Thanks again for making the Difference. Priddaho wants to say We LOVE you all.

Priddaho n​eeds your support

The biggest source of support has always been our friends, advocates and allies. The LGBTQ+ community thanks you in advance. We know there will be no going back to “normal” after this crisis has passed, but we don’t want to see a world without Priddaho.

Our organization has always celebrated the LGBTQ+  community,  we affirm, validate, & save LGBTQ+ lives. We must continue to champion LGBTQ+,  bringing our community together in good times, and bad to celebrate our truths.  

Remember anything helps. We greatly appreciate you, your willingness to make a change, and to help make a difference. 

2021 Vendor Application 

Join Priddaho on June 19th at The Bannock County Event Center, 10am to 7 pm.  

 Priddaho loves to see what you're selling. We want to help you become successful in your sales, or lead generation. Grab your tent or food truck, come on out, and let's have an amazing day!


I am a Regular Vendor

New Member Application 

Would you like to be the difference? Would you like to be a part of something bigger?  Would you like the opportunity to learn and grow with others? What are you waiting for? 

Become a member of Priddaho.  Activities include camping, hiking, fishing, bowling, skating, cooking, BBQs, learning, and growing. Come and make new friends and be  part of the change. 

We want you to know you are loved and accepted for who you are. Let's make the change together, Priddaho style!

Submit An Application

Pride 2021 Entertainment Application

Would you like to be part of The Priddaho  Pride Festival, 2021? Do not hesitate , let's create magic together. Express yourself and show everyone your talents.

Submit An Application

Priddaho Team & Board Members

We love helping our community grow & learn with each other. Make no mistake! "YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE  THAT MAKES THE CHANGE HAPPEN!"

Travis Kerbs

Executive Director


Travis is Priddaho's founder and CEO. He has lived in Eastern Idaho his entire life. Travis loves to give back to his community in any way he can. Travis graduated college in 2015, he majored in business development. He also holds his CDL, and loves to travel.

Lenny F 

Vice President


Lenny is Priddaho's Vice President. He is a great community leader. always thinking of others and the community. Lenny is a huge part of the LGBTQ community and has had many life experiences.

Berni Brimmage

Financial Advisor

Senior Architect

Berni is Priddaho's financial planner . Berni is from the UK and has lived in Idaho for 13 years. She has amazing leadership skills, outstanding communication skills and is always  willing to help out where  needed. Berni is an amazing mom, as well as community leader. Berni understands the fundamental need for growth. 

Senior Architect

You Could Be Pictured Here 

What Kind Of Organization is PRIDDAHO???

Priddaho is a non-profit organization. We are registered with the state of Idaho as a 501C3.

When you think of a "nonprofit" who do you think of? Most likely, you think of a group making a difference in your community. Maybe you are thinking of a large organization, such as 'Big Brothers Big Sisters' or the 'Make-a-Wish Foundation',  you may think about a local animal shelter. 

These are groups that are tax-exempt, under Internal Revenue code section 501(c)(3) as "public charities", because they are formed to provide "public benefit." Community Foundations are also part of this group (private foundations are too, although tax rules treat them a bit differently to public charities).


For Your Support

We know that without our community & your continued support Priddaho would not be where it is today.

Below are some off our allies, they have services you may find helpful.

US bank

Being an ally to the LGBT community and all diverse communities means a lot more than just saying the right things (or avoiding saying the wrong things.). At U.S. Bank, we take pride in our commitment to diversity and inclusion — both in our practices with our customers and in our internal processes. It is fundamental to who we are. Simply put, it’s about doing the right thing. The Human Rights Campaign named us as one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality, an honor that recognizes our policies, benefits, infrastructure and initiatives.

Learn More

Brandz 13

Brandz 13 Quality screen Printing

When you want the best in Eastern Idaho you go Brandz13. They are the best because they serve the best.

Learn More

ISU Gender Resource Center

OUR Mission

The GRC's focus is to provide education and programs to students, staff and faculty members, and have a space to explore the ways gender, and sexuality impact our lives, and our interactions with others in the world we live in.

Learn More

AND X Entertainment

Are you looking for the hottest DJ'S in Eastern Idaho?. Well, look no further & give ANDX  your business. This group of DJ's are the sickest! Dropping Jams and mixing songs, the sound of perfection. 

Learn More

Club Charley's

Southeast Idaho's ONLY gay bar,  where respect is the # 1 rule and everyone is welcome.

Learn More

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